Its not white nationalism.

I have a problem with the term “white nationalist”, it’s white supremacist. White supremacy is the threat. America is not a white nation and it should not be. For people to want America to be white that is supremacy not nationalistic.

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Wondering… before big box and chain stores how many more mom and pop stores were there? We’re there office supply stores in every city/town? Hardware stores? Pharmacies? Toystores? Electronic stores? Etc. And come to think of it, it’s not just the Walmart and McDonalds, but also cars and personal transportation that plays a role as […]

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How is American better?

People like Donald Trump have others thinking that products from China or any other country are inherently low quality and possibly harmful. They have some people so wound up that they either fail to realize, or fail to remember, that is it your fellow Americans like Donald Trump who are not just outsourcing production to […]

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If you say that pain is good enough for me then it’s good enough for you. So don’t act a fool if I multiply it back to you.

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Valentine’s Day 2017

Many years ago I had made the decision not to write my thoughts about this day. I think I’ve pretty much stuck to that decision over the years, as I haven’t found a blog or Facebook post, from myself, about it. I’m stepping out of that well-worn path today. There are few things that I […]

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Why follow you?

I felt like social media was about sharing of yourself. Unfortunately, it seems like that’s become frowned upon. It seems like more people believe social media is about sharing memes and gossip.   If all I wanted was the news, I’d go follow a news source. If all I wanted was politics, I’d go follow […]

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Crying Is Not Weakness

​It really bothers me when people equate tears with weakness. Someone said it explicitly last night and then trump alluded to it recently as well. I don’t understand. Do people really think that the strong don’t cry? And I know this is a extreme example but, do people think murderers have never cried? If your […]

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