Reality over a title

It’s not really what we call something so much as it is what we mean by it. But of course that doesn’t negate the fact that there are certain words that we have deemed to mean one thing or another and not to use those appointed definitions creates confusion. For instance, if we all decided […]

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Opinions are valid

When people state, suggest, or imply that you should not have an opinion or that you shouldn’t have an opinion unless certain qualifications are fulfilled I think they are wrong. I think they are trying to say that because you are likely to be wrong that your opinion is invalid and unwanted. The problem is, […]

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​I can’t remember ever hearing anyone tell someone to stop agreeing with them… but there are many ways that I’ve heard people tell someone to stop disagreeing with them. Although I don’t see disagreement as a bad thing, or see discussions and arguments negatively, I often say nothing because that’s what people appear to want. […]

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Life is not compartmentalized

It is in those moments when you are upset about one thing, that another thing can happen and make matters worse. Our lives are not separated into pieces and compartmentalized and separate from each other. When you are in a pleasant mood from an experience in your life, you can tolerate more unpleasant experiences than […]

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Brief Thought: Obamacare

I remember years ago, I heard the title “Obamacare” and I had a feeling that wasn’t it’s real name. Problem is, I wasn’t paying attention and didn’t have any reason to look it up. Literally when a family member mentioned “Obamacare” the other day/week, as if that was it’s real name, I decided to look […]

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Shouldn’t all people?

Warriors will stand up and take responsibility for their behaviors. They will consider the information being presented to them, and will incorporate it into their life practice. They will stop and see, because they have disciplined their mind, that perhaps their way isn’t correct or best. They can consider the feelings of another and together they can decide on the best course of action to move forward. Warriors realize that true strength lies in vulnerability. “

Lindsay Carricarte

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