Why follow you?

I felt like social media was about sharing of yourself. Unfortunately, it seems like that’s become frowned upon. It seems like more people believe social media is about sharing memes and gossip.   If all I wanted was the news, I’d go follow a news source. If all I wanted was politics, I’d go follow […]

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Crying Is Not Weakness

​It really bothers me when people equate tears with weakness. Someone said it explicitly last night and then trump alluded to it recently as well. I don’t understand. Do people really think that the strong don’t cry? And I know this is a extreme example but, do people think murderers have never cried? If your […]

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Population Control

In the past; before humans overpopulated the earth; before we altered this planets climate; before we topped the list of the planet’s Most Wanted; before we became earth’s worst serial killer; before we made many species of animal and plant life go extinct; before we caused masses of birds to die and fish to go […]

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Reality over a title

It’s not really what we call something so much as it is what we mean by it. But of course that doesn’t negate the fact that there are certain words that we have deemed to mean one thing or another and not to use those appointed definitions creates confusion. For instance, if we all decided […]

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Opinions are valid

When people state, suggest, or imply that you should not have an opinion or that you shouldn’t have an opinion unless certain qualifications are fulfilled I think they are wrong. I think they are trying to say that because you are likely to be wrong that your opinion is invalid and unwanted. The problem is, […]

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​I can’t remember ever hearing anyone tell someone to stop agreeing with them… but there are many ways that I’ve heard people tell someone to stop disagreeing with them. Although I don’t see disagreement as a bad thing, or see discussions and arguments negatively, I often say nothing because that’s what people appear to want. […]

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