Umar Johnson on Roland Martin

Just watched Umar Johnson on Roland Martin’s show.

1. He doesn’t seem to work with anyone or want anyone to be an equal. It seems like everyone has to be below him or working for him. 

2. His attitude seems to be that “I am never wrong, and if you think I was wrong it’s actually your own stupidity showing.” He constantly seems to tell people you didn’t understand me or you didn’t listen to me and that’s not what I said, etc.

3. Who does he give respect to? Since so many highly intelligent black people are disagreed with and he doesn’t seem to respect whites, who does he respect?

4. If you can’t respect an individual white person for working against systematic racism, because it’s not the entirety of white America, then does it make sense to have a problem with white America when they condemn all blacks because of their personal experiences and stereotypes? It seems to me he paints with a very broad brush at times.

5. I understand the idea behind separatism, but I don’t know if most people’s desire for that is built upon logic or if it’s built strictly upon emotional irrationality. Because part of the problem is, if whites want to be by themselves and blacks wanna be by themselves, then what does that mean for people mixed like myself? Should each type of mixture seek to separate and form their own nation? Because to me that doesn’t make sense. There is not enough land in the world for two or three times the amount of nations to arise. Also, what nation want to give up land?

There’s so much more I want to say but I’ll leave it there, for now.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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