Lack of communication and transparency

It seems that some people want to hide our points of differences in communication. I have to wonder, is that because they can’t allow differences to coexist? Is it something like plausible deniability.

For example. If I have an opinion or a belief and I live by it accordingly, it seems most people ignore it or it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, if I voice an opinion that I’ve believed or lived according to, it can tend to cause issues.

Speaking an opinion can ruffle feathers but I find that speaking on actions is worse. For instance, I’ve found that with many types of relationships, there can be some type negative issue (whether perceived or real) in which one person creates distance. Sometimes that distance can be less transparency, sometimes less communication, sometimes no communication at all. When that happens there is no explicit communication of said act, there is no reasoning given in many cases. It’s believed by some people that the other person should know what they did and why it prompted that change. Which in some cases may be true, in other cases I do not agree.

Now, in an alternate scenario, if I feel there is a reason for me to change the way I interact with someone and I attempt to talk about it, especially if I explain the way the relationship will change and how I will pull away, I’ve been met with hostility. It’s almost as if people believe they have a right to change the way they interact with you without warning, but when you express dissatisfaction and the need for change, they don’t recognize your authority or ability

Is it that much different? Whether a person simply pulls away or tells you before they pull away? To me it makes more sense that a person should appreciate the ability to rectify the situation that may have occurred between the two of you. Unfortunately it seems as if people are more comfortable with relationships changing and ending with little to no warning or explanation.

Maybe it’s simply that people like the ability to concoct a reason in their own head to form their own narrative which supports whatever position they prefer at the moment. I wouldn’t put it past people.

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Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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