Enough drama in real life

It says something about us when people can get so emotionally attached to a T.V. show, but when things happen in real life with politicians or with corporations or with friends and family members that those same people don’t always get so emotionally invested.

It seems to be obvious that the ability to empathize is there, the morality is there, but somehow  people feel more connected to fictional characters than in flesh and blood humans.

Maybe the difference is marketing? Maybe if we advertised real life events the way we advertise fiction people would be more interested.

Maybe the difference is the visual aspect? Maybe because of the changing technology and societal changes, maybe people need more visual representations of reality? In the same vein that some shows and documentaries recreate true events. It seems obvious that news visuals don’t have the same affect for people.

Not to say that traditional news reporting and journalism is unnecessary or dead, not at all. Some of us prefer more realistic information.

  • 2016-1026
  • Cobalt TiNor

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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