Welcome 2017

I feel like I’ve been writing new years blogs for quite a while now, not always in the same spirit, but I feel like it’s always been something. I remember bits and pieces of prior posts where I spoke about how new years is just another day. I still feel that way kind of.

I’ve never been much of a holiday person. I celebrate with family and friends and I enjoy that on these holidays. Unfortunately with the way this country works, these holidays on the calendar are the only times some of us can get together with family and friends on a larger scale. Whether it’s getting the time off of work or if it’s even just a psychological thing, where it’s the only time we think to even try. Either way, the holidays are a tool that I personally take advantage of and will continue to do so.

2016… now granted, I don’t think of time like most of you may think about it. Personally, I don’t really care much for time either, so this idea of a year coming or going doesn’t resonate with me. Still it makes for an easy discussion of an idea doesn’t it? So, 2016, hmmm it’s funny how the tail end of something has the opportunity to completely change your view on a thing. Had you asked me earlier in the year what I thought of it, I probably would’ve said it’s been better than 2015 and for some measures it probably has been, but this ending sheesh.

Oddly enough the beginning of 2017 finds me in a period of massive transitions. Not one, or two, but three and they all feel unpleasant. As always I’m trying to work these transitions for the better but one of them in and of itself would be enough to deal with, so to have three happening simultaneously is kind of stressing. Add to that the stress of the times with President-Elect Donald Trump about to take office and you have a recipe for uncertainty and concern. Which reminds me I have yet to type up and share my thoughts on the election results.

So 2017 starts with uncertainty, uneasiness, stress and concern but like every stretch of time it will have its ups… and it’s downs… it’s goods… and it’s bads. Like, I would think most people, I am looking for 2017 to contain more pleasantries and positives than anything else and I’m going to do my part as always to work towards that. Maybe I’ll get lucky this year.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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