The depressed seek help indirectly

The tendency of depressed people to seek help indirectly and reject offered support can be very hard on the people close to them. How do you cope with your support being rejected? How do you know when you should continue to give support and when to back off? And how do you know what is helpful and what is harmful to the depressed person?

If you continually offer support and it is repeatedly rejected, you will probably feel angry, hostile, and resentful – and helpless, frustrated, and worried. You may even feel like never offering help in the future. Most likely, you will feel a combination of all these feelings. As the pattern of trying to help and having your help rejected is repeated, you will probably feel unable to help the depressed person in any meaningful way.

  • pg. 151, When Someone You Love Is Depressed – Laura Rosen & Xavier Amador, ISBN 978-0-684-83407-8

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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