Importance of relationships

One of the central themes of this school of thought [relational psychology] is best described by Stephen Mitchell in his book, Relational Concepts in Psychoanalysis; “Human beings did not evolve and then enter into social and cultural interactions; the human mind is, in its very origins and nature, a social product” (p. 18). Because we are born into relationships, develop in them, and spend our whole lives in them, they are an integral part of how we experience ourselves as persons. Relationships that give us experiences of self-worth, effectiveness, identification, and closeness with others are essential to sustaining a healthy self. How people develop a cohesive, stable, healthy sense of self has been the subject of much study. Although different theorists have different ideas about the process, they all agree that it begins at birth and continues on throughout one’s lifetime.

  • pg. 138, When Someone You Love Is Depressed – Laura Rosen & Xavier Amador, ISBN 978-0-684-83407-8

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