Learning stress response

When you spend time with your child, try to teach him how to handle stress and disappointment. Set a good example in how you manage stress. Tell  your child how you have handled difficult situations in your own life. If you child sees you keeping your feelings inside and moping around, chances are he will learn to do the same thing when he is under stress. Let your child see you handle difficult situations by talking through them and trying to problem solve. Children are natural imitators and will follow your lead in dealing with problems. Encourage him to exercise, talk through his problems, and ask for help. By discussing problems with him, you let him know that there are ways to solve things together by looking at alternatives and trying to foresee the consequences of different options. For example, if your son is disappointed about not making the baseball team at school, discuss other after-school activities he could do. He might find that he enjoys playing the guitar or being part of the student government. Point out the many other options that he has not considered.

  • pg. 83, When Someone You Love Is Depressed – Laura Rosen & Xavier Amador, ISBN 978-0-684-83407-8

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