Bipolar and Suicidal Thoughts

At one point I was determined that if my mind by which I had made my living and whose stability I had assumed for so many years – did not stop racing and begin working normally again, I would kill myself by jumping from a nearby twelve-story building. I gave it twenty-four hours. But of course, I had no notion of time, and a million other thoughts – magnificent and morbid – wove in raced by. Endless and terrifying days of endlessly terrifying drugs – Thorazine, lithium, valium, and barbiturates – finally took effect. I could feel my mind being reined in, slowed down, and put on hold. But it was a very long time until I recognized my mind again, and much longer until I trusted it.

  • Pg. 83, An Unquiet Mind, ISBN – 978-0-679-76330-7, Kay Redfield Jamison

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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