Nell Irvin Painter – Cost Of Slavery Shows

Instructive examples notwithstanding, the Exodus continued to draw Blacks away from the river parishes and counties, threatening, apparently, to desolate those areas completely. Some white Southerners grew alarmed, cognizant that in the labor-intensive Southern agricultural system, land without labor lay useless and barren. Should a significant portion of the Black laborers desert the South, the planters, merchants, and cotton factors in New Orleans and St. Louis would find themselves impoverished. With this desolate future staring them in the face, the New Orleans Times and the St. Joseph North Louisiana Journal began to press for the creation of planters’ organizations to protect their tenants and laborers from bulldozers, an implicit recognition that the Exodusters’ grievances stemmed from real evils.17

  • 17- St. Joseph north Louisiana Journal, April 12,1879; New Orleans Times, April 22, 1879

P.239, Exodusters – Nell Irvin Painter, ISBN 0-393-00951-3

Nell Irvin Painter


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