Henry Adams – Institutional Racism

“We found ourselves in such a condition that we looked around and we seed that there was no way on earth, it seemed, that we could better our condition [in Louisiana], and we discussed that thoroughly in our organization along in May 1877. We said that the Whole South – every state in the South – had got into the hands of the very men that held us slaves – from one thing to another – and we thought that the men that held us slaves was holding the reins of government over our heads in every respect almost, even the constable up to the governor. We felt we had almost as well be slaves under these men. In regard to the whole matter that was discussed, it came up in every council. Then we said there was no hope for us and we had better go.”11

  • 11 Henry Adams, Senate Report 693, II: 108
  • P.87, Exodusters – Nell Irvin Painter, ISBN 0-393-00951-3

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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