Quote from William James on Terminology

“Winter” is only the name for a certain number of days which we find generally characterized by cold weather, but it guarantees nothing in that line, for our thermometer tomorrow may soar into the 70’s. Nevertheless the word is a useful plunge forward with into the stream of our experience. It cuts off certain probabilities and sets up others. You can put away your straw hats; you can unpack your arctics. It is a summary of things to look for. It names a part of nature’s habits, and gets you ready for their continuation. It is a definite instrument abstracted from experience, a conceptual reality that you must take account of, and which reflects you totally back into sensible realities.

Pg 117, Pragmatism – William James, ISBN 978-0-7607-4996-8

William James

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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