Resolutions for New Years?

What’s new for New Years 2015?

I’m not sure about you but I have the same job, same car, same house, the same food in the freezer.

Beyond that some other things that remain the same are… the same folks in jail today will be tomorrow (for the most part). The same cops exercising unnecessary violence will still be on patrol. Jamie Dimon, his cohorts and his peers will still be swindling us out of our money. Walmart’s Walton family will still be getting a good chunk of your paychecks. McDonald’s will still be making you fat and unhealthy. Plastic will still be collecting in gyres in the oceans. Wildlife will continue dying from chemicals that we humans have made and fracking will continue causing earthquakes and the deaths of animals and people. Landfills will keep accumulating.

Gentrification, racism, inequality, misogyny, fascism, etc, all these things will keep happening unless we decide that it’s not a new years resolution that’s needed. Until we realize that there is something we can do every day, no matter how small, to create a lasting change. Even just changing the things you find funny can make a difference.

I mean obviously some of us think it’s funny that you can scroll down your [social network] timeline and never come across anything intelligent and useful. Yet, we can always find a pretty face or an enticing body, we can always find fights over the most petty issues, we can always see clips of injuries or near injuries, we can always find out what happening on the latest season of some new sitcom, or keep up with the outcome of the current sporting event, but try finding a way to have to work less.

On your timeline try finding a way to reduce your bills. Try finding a way to give to people around you. Try finding a way to build community. Try finding a way to improve the quality of life for all of us. Try finding a way to give people less reasons to be depressed and suicidal. Try finding a way to see through politicians lies and get them to work for us like they are supposed to. Try finding that type of stuff on your timeline, because I find it funny that I can hardly find that.

So resolutions? Me? No thank you… I am determined everyday to try and make life changes that improve me and all of those around. What’s a new page on a calendar to me? But at the end of the day, one must do what’s best for you. I just hope that while your “doing you”, you’re not undoing us..


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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