Quote From Carl Jung

“However, I have been asked so often whether I believe in the existence of God or not that I am somewhat concerned lest I be taken for an adherent of “psychologism” far more commonly than I suspect. What most people seem unable to understand is the fact that I regard the psyche as real. They believe only in physical facts, and must consequently come to the conclusion that either the uranium itself or the laboratory equipment created the atom bomb. That is no less absurd then the assumption that a non-real psyche is responsible for it. God is an obvious psychic and non-physical fact, I.E., a fact that can be established psychically but not physically. Equally, these people have still not got it into their heads that the psychology of religion falls into two categories, which must be sharply distinguished from one another. Firstly, the psychology of the religious person, and secondly, the psychology of religion proper, I.E., of religious contents .”
-Carl Tung, Answer To Job, paragraph 751


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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