A Memorable Face

First, I see her hair which reminds me of a budding flower. It’s natural, it’s thick, it’s healthy, it’s boldly worn, and it makes my head turn. As I shift my gaze down towards her forehead I notice her skin tone. She is maybe a shade or two darker than I am; medium chocolate is what I will call it. Again, natural, she typically wears no makeup and if I’m fortunate enough to be close I can see her beautiful flaws. As I continue down, her eyebrows are different than most. They don’t taper down and come to a point as most do, they drop off dramatically with just a hint of a trail. They are not exactly normal and that is just fine, they don’t have to be. Beneath her eyebrows, are her glasses which almost distract you from the harsh penetrating stare typically found behind them. These glasses find their resting place atop her beautifully broad nose which lies directly above her lovely lips. These are the lips that have spoke to me words I will never forget. These lips make me think of descriptors which I typically reserve for cuisine, words such as luscious, juicy, plump, and succulent even. Her beauty may not be popular, it may not be found in magazines and commercials often if at all, but her face is extremely memorable and I love it.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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