Quote From Colin Powell

“Racism was still relatively new to me, and I had to find a way to cope psychologically. I began by identifying my priorities. I wanted, above all, to succeed at my Army career. I did not intend to give way to self-destructive rage, no matter how provoked. If people in the South insisted on living by crazy rules, then I would play the hand dealt to me for now. If I was to be confined to one end of the playing field, then I was going to be a star on that part of the field. Nothing that happened off-post, none of my indignities, none of my injustices, was going to inhibit my performance. I was not going to let myself become emotionally crippled because I could not play on the whole field. I did not feel inferior, and I was not going to allow someone else’s feelings about me to become my feelings about myself. Racism was not just a black problem. It was America’s problem. And until the country solved it, I was not going to let bigotry make me a victim instead of a full human being. I occasionally felt hurt, I felt anger; but most of all I felt challenged. I’ll show you.”

– Colin Powell
April 5, 1937 – present
1995, page 42, ISBN 0-345-40728-8


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