Does Money Help Or Hinder? [2012-0521]

I have not heard much of what happened in Oklahoma today, but I know it was devastating to some peoples lives. I have mixed emotions, because in a sense I am made to feel as though I am apathetic, but I am not. It’s hard for me to sit here and be solemn for people who have died. I feel sorry for those who are still alive and I hope that they are able to get the help they need. I don’t have an overwhelming emotional response to everything. As well, in my mind I know that something will be done, but the problem is what will be done?

  • How many people will get a house rebuilt?
  • What is really done with the donation money?
  • Are people going to have any say in how that money benefits them?
  • Are people going to stay connected with each other? even after we no longer exist in a panic or emergency mode.
  • Will that money directly help individuals and the collective, or will it just fatten the pockets of the local government and corporations?
  • Will it go to helping the folks effected directly, or will it go towards paying for the man hours used to help them? In other words is it paying overtime to cops, doctors, and travel expenses for the president to visit the disaster area for example?
  • Or will it really help the people?
  • At the end of the day, does the money help or does it hinder? Because I can’t help but think of Haiti or various other tragedies where we hear of years later how money has not been truly used to help or held up or stolen.

I can’t help but think, what about people like myself; people who would want to help out if it was nearby? How would I help out when I still have to work? Would any business sacrifice their profits to allow it’s employees unpaid time off (or otherwise) in order to assist other people who need to be rescued? Taken care of? To help rebuild? Even if it’s unpaid and doesn’t effect the business, how is that volunteer going to pay their bills? Since they have taken time off unpaid their checks will get cut short. If it is paid time off from the company, then is that money coming from the pockets of the fat cat executives? or is it going to be rolled into the cost of the products or services that company provides? and in effect will they pass the cost on to the companies customers?

I mean at what point are we going to realize that money is one of the biggest issues? Money is more of the problem than a hindrance as far as I’m concerned.

I think about the closest thing to a realization of the future; Star Trek, and how there was no such thing as currency that I can think of in that show. I don’t know if unconsciously maybe Star Trek gave me this idea of no-currency. Either way I had came to this conclusion a long time ago, that no-currency is something we really need to strive for. If we are really going to love each other, and if we are to really move into the future things need to change. Currency is one of those things.

I remember in my youth thinking that Matthew 22:34-40 could only be truly expressed if we give up currency. Because greed in my mind is still the most deadly; the most obscene; the most damaging characteristic in opposition to love. Greed mostly comes into play with currency, but it is not just currency; it is all materials. One question yet to be answered is can you really be greedy for love? or for security? or for happiness? I don’t know, but I have not yet been able to define a situation as such.

Anyways, I thought maybe the problem had to do with just paper and metal currency, you know dollars and coins. Though even hypothesizing about a bartering system like what existed in the past, to me the idea falls short, unsurprisingly. If the barter system was replaced in the past, it’s likely because it was imperfect. You don’t seek to replace something that is working great, do you? Also, I have not liked big business since my youth. The more I contemplated my theory, the more I realized that big business is not beneficial much if at all. Especially because of the fact that the whole idea of business seems about solely making money; not to provide a product that helps or advances people.

Anyways I gave some money to a food bank in Oklahoma. I can’t volunteer, and doubt I would be able to even if I was in the area. In this case something is better than nothing. As long as money rules this world in a sense, we must seek to help in at least the area of financial giving, if nothing else. In the mean time, I will still ponder how we can stop greed in this world.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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