We Humans Are Complex… 2012-1022

We humans are complex. You can know a person for years and still misunderstand who they are. We are more than just what we say and more than just what we do.

At this point I do not really think there is any one word that could sum up what a person is. I have trouble thinking of many words to describe me. I am not just the sum of the pieces that make me, but somehow those pieces come together and are a piece of me, but without those pieces what would define me? I am not trying to be philosophical but what is it that makes us, who we are?

You can lose all four limbs and then some, is our body really us? Is it just our brain and our heart? Can we even live without them? My hair is not me but God forbid someone tell me I need to change my hair for them! My fashion isn’t me but to dress in a uniform and feel uncomfortable…..

– Cobalt TiNor

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Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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