• Optimism
  • 10/03/12
  • Cobalt TiNor

I remember where my dislike (and probably more accurately described as aversion) for optimism came from. I have always been one to focus on reality and try to figure it all out, so when I had been so unhappy and discontent for so long and I saw some people so happy I undertook an experiment to befriend as many blatantly and thoroughly optimistic people as possible. One of those people is still my friend to this day although some of their optimism has faded.

What I learned from trying to get close to optimistic people is two major things. They are not always as optimistic as they portray, sometimes they just know what they are supposed to say. In other words they lie, to themselves and others. Two, the more they believe the optimistic points of view, the more I realized they were quite often uneducated and did not care to learn much about it. Basically willful ignorance, like the age-old phrase goes “ignorance is bliss”.

It is after my own personal social experiments that I turned even more so away from any hint of optimism. Which brought me inextricably to the present day where I do not like to be around optimism. I much rather suffer reality and know it needs to change as opposed to embracing ignorant optimism and possibly meeting success. From all that I’ve seen, and learned it seems that life is simply a popularity contest and the reason why optimistic people often meet success is because people love a smiling face, people love to hear optimism from a smiling face.

I believe there is no secret as to why suicide and murder have been so prevalent through the history of civilization.

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