10 Billion People on Earth: Nightmare or Non-Event?

“At the end of the day, however, it’s about whether the global society will go for it,” he added.“It’s about whether finance, politics, ethics and empathy – and the human spirit – will come together to find a solution.”

via 10 Billion People on Earth: Nightmare or Non-Event? – Business News – CNBC.

My Thoughts
Cobalt TiNor

I think the truth is some where between Dr. Fox and Professor Emmott, I do think that we have more than enough technical know-how to possibly or probably sustain 10 billion people on earth. The problem is, that takes no consideration for the effects of genetically altered food, nor does it take into account space for growing the food and sustaining other species of life on this planet, as it is we block out and kill off many animals both now and in the past. Our attempts at “better” have at time created “worse”.

Also yes as Dr. Fox said human spirit and empathy could be mobilized, but do we really think that in a situation such as that, that people will really empathize? Do we really think people will love each other enough to dial back greed or eradicate greed? Do we really think that people will drop the racism and the nationalism, and all of these inconsequential boundaries? I think we are definitely able to, but I would not hold my breath for us to make it happen.

So somewhere between Dr Fox and Professor Emmott lies the truth, I believe.


One thought on “10 Billion People on Earth: Nightmare or Non-Event?

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