Morality And A Moral Law-giver… 2012-0703

Do we need a moral law-giver in order to have morality?

If we evaluate the stance with religion, the concept of sin and morality is not clear and evident. For instance in Christianity you can find many commandments which are attributed to God, I believe it has been said to reach over 300 different commandments. But if we take a look at all those commandments it does not sound like they were given by an almighty being, it seems like most of these were commandments given by a man, or should I say by different men who had ulterior motives.

Even if we say let’s look at the examples in the bible, this too is vague because two people can do the same thing and one suffers and one does not. Even in the book of John 5:1-14 in particular (as well as places like Matthew 9:1-8, Luke 5:12-14, Luke 8:26-39, etc) you find implied methodology leading us to believe all sickness is attributed to personal sin, familial sin, or simple bragging and showing off the deity of God. This too I see as a somewhat frivolous and pathetic attempt at defining morality.

The next option is yet to be accurately named, although some want to name it the scientific method. The scientific method claims that anything that cannot be studied and measured is not a valid option, but time and time again science has proven that the theories come first and the science comes second. At one point we supposedly believed that the world was flat and was able to prove it round eventually. At one point we didn’t know about or understand gravity. Even most recently we have dark matter, black holes, and worm holes which science truly only hypothesizes about, yet scientists firmly believe in and are trying their hardest to find and measure. But despite all of the faith scientists need and use, perhaps half or more of scientists deny faith in God and regard even the possibility of a God as the scientific equivalent of heresy.

Fortunately we do have a good deal of scientists who also acknowledge and believe in God or a deity. The main one I can think of Francis S. Collins, and I respect people like Maicho Kiako who seems like he’s agnostic yet seems to respect all beliefs. Ultimately I do not believe that all the science and facts out there have replaced, displaced, or disproven God, in fact some of it I call “intellectual stupidity” as well I do not believe God gave us intelligence to constantly utilize blind faith instead of using our brains. Some morality given in the bible and especially outside of the bible by modern day, pastors, priests, rabbis, flim-flams, trickster, hoaxes, imposters, and deceivers is just blatantly personal preference. Needless to say, do not try to force on me or others what God may have only given to you personally.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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