Thoughts Spurred by MLK-IHAD pg 12… 2012-0824

I am rethinking non-violence.

I cannot say I have disagreed with it 100% but I am now more so wondering if my stance is wrong and if so, how wrong?

I do not agree with laying down and dying. I agree to some degree, that we should turn the other cheek like Jesus Christ said, but dying for a cause, I do not know. Reading this book of MLK Jr’s speeches and writings, I am glad what the Civil Rights Movement participants did made a difference, but if we were not civilized to some degree non-violence would not have made much of a difference from what I can tell. Even now with the influence it has made, has it really changed peoples minds and hearts, or it has changed their actions to a degree?

At the same time I must say, I do not think the only way to win is to kill the competition either. The solution I do not know.

– Cobalt TiNor

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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