Changing Values 2012

  • Cobalt TiNor
  • February 20th, 2012

At the time of this writing a news anchor on CNN recently reported that there are statistics which show that the percentage of Americas who are single is up to about 46% or so. The news anchor or her guest estimated that we will pass the 50% mark within two years.

To me it’s not surprising at all because most people do not place any value on marriage and even when they do, they very often go about marriage for the wrong reasons or with the wrong methods. Last I heard, statistics still say that about 53% of all marriages end in divorce with your odds for divorce going up drastically after your first divorce. So I figure with those given statistics that 25% or less of Americans have a lasting marriage and that is not even going into any details as to whether or not it’s actually a good marriage that someone else can use as a model.

I think most of us have value systems that are pathetic and our understanding of cause and effect is atrocious, in simpler terms our values and understanding of cause and effects often suck. I believe for many people in and after my generation that they want so vehemently to be different from their parents and their predecessors that they make choices that make no sense at all but fulfill their primary desire to be different. People are seeking to be different at all costs, with no regards to its consequences.

A prime example is a video I partially watched on YouTube the other day. (if it is still up by time this reaches you)

It’s a video of a man who touched the breasts of 1000 women, 18 mins long and I couldn’t even bother to watch more than about 2 or 3 minutes. I noticed of the hundred or so that I saw, all seemed to be European and young, only one seemed about 40 years old or so. I couldn’t help but wonder why so many young women would allow a stranger to touch their breasts. As far as I know even strippers do not typically allow anyone to touch them, and a supposedly a prostitute would  make you pay for it. So why do we have so many women, especially young women willing to allow a stranger to touch their breasts? It doesn’t make sense to me, unless I take into account that the older generations were comparably prudes who couldn’t even show skin from your knees down or above your elbows.

On the opposite extreme, I also saw an article that some woman on a college campus was approached by a man with a handwritten note bashing her choice of attire in a nice and delicate way. Supposedly the dress in question was a knee length black flower dress with mild cleavage. I wouldn’t have ever had an issue with the dress and I don’t understand why he would either. If he thinks that dress was bad then he needs to go live in a cave or kill himself because compared to what I see on a daily basis in real life not even mentioning on T.V.,  what she wore was halfway to the outfit of a nun in terms of covering her body.

As far as I’m concerned, anarchy is well on its way; chaos is imminent. The more we received information, the better we were supposed to become, with more knowledge at our fingertips we were supposed to make better decisions and become better people, as well as make this world a better place. What have we done? We have made excuses for the guilty; we have allowed the sinner to feel like the saint; we have forced the saint to feel like the sinner; we have made morality seem like an alien that creates nothing but destruction; we have made loopholes for the greedy; created more traps for the have-nots; we have made victims their own victimizers; we have done many things which have completely inverted our concepts and beliefs, and in some cases at the very least only confused our concepts. It is to the point that most of the people I know who are deep thinkers would rather refrain from titles and embrace a lack of understanding in a sense.

I’m sorry but as long as I’m here I do not plan to accept half-ways. Either, I will make an attempt to understand life and why everything happens or…. That which I would rather not say.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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