Quote From MLK Jr

“The resistance to the Negroes’ aspirations expresses itself not only in obvious methods of defiance, but in the subtle and skillful method of truth distortion.  In an attempt to influence the minds of northern and southern liberals, the segregationists will cleverly disseminate half-truths.  Instead of arguing for the validity of segregation and racial inferiority on the basis of the Bible, they set their arguments on cultural and sociological grounds.  The Negro is not ready for integration, they say; because of academic and cultural lags on the part of the Negro, the integration of schools will pull the white race down.  They are never honest enough to admit that the academic and cultural lags in the Negro community are themselves the result of segregation and discrimination.  The best way to solve any problem is to remove the cause.  It is both rationally unsound and sociologically untenable to use the tragic effects of segregation as an argument for it’s continuation.”

MLK Jr, 1960

January 15, 1929 – April 4, 1968


Martin Luther King Jr

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