In Response To Sandy Hook School Shooting

In Response To Sandy Hook Elementary School schooting incident on 12/14/12 in Newtown, Ct

  • Cobalt TiNor
  • 12/14/12

I don’t care if the intended victims were faculty members, there’s no reason to shoot people at an elementary school. #Newtown

With all the technological advances we have made, we have left the human behind. It is no wonder why entertainment has made a push to humanize the villains, the enemies, the terrorists. We need to realize that no one is born a monster, no one is born a villain, or a terrorist, a rapist, or a murderer. Situations and upbringing make people into who they are. We are humans, we are complex, many things affect us, and too many people do not realize just how much things can change us.

Despite understanding that the person(s) who committed these acts is a human being, at the same time I understand he took it way too far. Trust me I understand anger, hate, violence, but to take that out on people who specifically did nothing to you? No! If anything you confront the person who hurt you, and in those situations where they are not sorry, or they continue hurting you, if for some reason you still cannot move on or forgive that person, then your actions should be taken to them one on one.

It is not even just #Newtown, they say since Columbine in 1999, 31 school shootings have occured. That’s just shootings, what about other things? Violence in general, and not even just violence, what about white collar crime? What brings people to this point in life where they feel they have to kill someone? It is usually not physical violence. It is usually mental disparagement, people telling you or making actions against you that show to you that you are worthless, that you do not matter. Some people say that every life is valuable but many of those same people do not think to adopt kids over having their own kids. They do not think about all of the poverty, and homelessness, and starvation going on in the world. People do not often think outside of their own little circle.

As far as I am concerned to spend billions of dollars on sending people into outer space is a waste, when compared to fixing human issues. I am not just saying that to focus in on the space programs but as one solitary example out of many. We need to put our money where our hearts are, and maybe that is one reason why we are in the state we are now, because people care more about themselves and what makes them feel good, and they do not have a heart for people in general.

To everyone I say, think of things like #Newtown, #Columbine, etc the next time you want to tell a person “suck it up”, “stop crying/complaining”, or “stop being so soft”. Feelings are important! People who have not been hurt, often do not hurt others. As cliché as it may sound, it is true, “hurt people, hurt (other) people”. One of the things I care deeply about are the people who are depressed, the people who are hurt, their feelings ignored and marginalized, their lives discarded. I cannot help everybody, but one of my constant things I think about is “will this hurt anybody?”…  We cannot avoid hurting everyone, but I avoid what I can. I know that there is more that I can do though.

I have often said to myself “forget my feelings” not as a way of saying that they do not matter but they are not as important as the truth. My feelings can be wrong, my perception can be wrong, I want the truth more than anything, but I still take my feelings and those of others into consideration. I was just telling my sister the other day, when people ask me how I am doing, I often lie. Why, because most people do not care if you are having a bad day, a bad year or even a bad life. If you want to stop violence, stop being apathetic, learn empathy, seek to understand people, and seek to understand yourself.

I have seen so many Christians and non-Christians on my timelines who are all saying the “in” thing right now, which is “my prayers are with the families” and things similar. I am sorry. Not to downplay prayers, but might I suggest to DO something in addition to those prayers… spread more love, EVEN to those who maybe we think do not deserve it. James 2:20 says to us “faith without deeds is useless” and Matt 18:18 says to us “Whatever YOU bind… whatever YOU loose…” as well Matt 22:39 tells us “Love your neighbor as yourself”.

I am sorry to all those who still see me as a self-professing Christian, but I am not waiting for miracles from God. I am not going to rely on prayers to heal this broken world. I refuse to believe that these things and much worst must happen because that is the only way an omnipotent God can bring us back to him. I believe God wants us to love all people, I believe God wants us to help when we can, and never hurt if we can avoid it. Our actions as a whole, dictate what happens here on earth more than anything else. You can quote Ephesians 6:12 all you like, but actions speak louder than words. Maybe God brought things into existence with simply his words (Genesis 1) but I have never fed someone with my words, I have never helped someone move to a new apartment with simply words, I have never consoled someone with just words, I have never convinced someone that I love them with just words. It takes more than just words.

Principal and school psychologist were killed in shooting, according to a parent:  Details on @CNN TV.

@DjBruki: people don’t know how to deal with rejection, with disappointment, with being outcasts of society, so they turn to gun violence. And those are just 3 reasons. i’m sure there are a host of others. i could go on and on, but i hope y’all get the point. Just like the pharmaceutical industry, folks want to focus on the symptoms instead of solving the real problems facing us – wrong approach.

@TNopper: Some are saying “they’re shooting children now.” What do you think Jim Crow, lynching, and anti-Civil Rights Movement backlash involved?

The holidays aren’t joyous for everyone. If you’re depressed, @NIMHgov has information on how you can help yourself:


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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