Psychology Today: 5 Reasons You Can’t Tell…

I would love to be put to the test. As the quote below mentions there are people who have a mistrusting bias and I believe I’m definitely one of those people. I know I would love to be part of these type of studies, where do these studies and research occur? Why is it I never hear of any of it. No one ever calls my house, no one ever knocks on my door, no one ever emails me, or anything. How can one be part of these studies?

Research shows that we have a sort of “default” mechanism that makes us tend to believe that most people are telling the truth. Even in studies where participants are told that half of the people are lying, they judge the majority of them as honest. [This holds unless you are a police officer, customs agent, or work for the Secret Service — they tend to have a mis-trusting bias default.]

Continue reading via 5 Reasons You Can’t Tell When You Are Being Lied To | Psychology Today.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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