Can You Define… 2012-0724

I do not even bother to argue with most people anymore. My father summed it up very succinctly one time… “I ask them one question ‘what if your wrong?'” from there the response he gets dictates his continued conversation. What if we are wrong?

I believe most arguments are started by two people understanding different meanings of one word. Sometimes arguments are started because of a difference of opinion, and in those instances it’s typically because one or both parties cannot agree to disagree. Regardless if you agree or not I feel we should all be able to understand or at the very least try to understand another persons point of view. Once we think we know it all, I feel that all is lost, once that pride steps in truth typically goes out the window.

I was skimming my twitter timeline today and there was an interaction where two people were saying “conversate” is not a word, that “converse” is the appropriate term. So I pulled up the definition on and simply replied to the tweet with the hyperlink. One of the contributors to the original tweet responded with “all that means is enuf ppl used a fake word. 2 b in the dictionary a ‘word’ just needs 2 b used a lot” and the followed up with “1 word came around 1973 and the other 1520 hmm”.

I didn’t respond to him, because if he will not take the inclusion of “conversate” as a valid word in one of the oldest dictionaries in the English language then what is his requirement?
What standards does he go by?
Why are those standards better than Merriam Webster (M-W)?
If those standards are better, why doesn’t M-W follow those standards?
What dictionary does follow those standards?
And if no dictionary follows those standards, why not?

As far as the dates he provided, he still pulled those dates from Merriam Webster as he referenced Merriam-Webster’s definition of “converse”. How do you denigrate the standards of M-W and then proceed to use another piece of information from that same source to prove your point? That does not make sense to me. He would have been better of linking to Oxford dictionary, or Random House if they still exist, or whatever other dictionaries that may be out there.

At the same time I am not here to berate the person who tweeted these things. I understand sometimes we misunderstand, sometimes we get caught in the moment, sometimes we get caught in emotions, but even if I had tweeted these questions back to him, he probably would have felt attacked as it seemed he was already trying to attack on behalf of his stance. So again, I do not argue with most people because it is usually fruitless. I can only hope he realized the hypocrisy in his actions and reconsidered his exchange. I do not follow him on Twitter and he does not follow me so I will never know.

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Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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