Football star exonerated of rape

It’s sad that things like this could happen, to have a friend accuse you of something, and completely change 10 years of your life. It’s nice to hear that he doesn’t seem to be bitter, but personally bitter or not I would want her to have 10 years of her life completely changed. Not to mention I highly doubt I could put myself into any time of relationship with her ever again. Of course, that all depends on if she had actually changed and matured and whether I felt that lost friendship ever yielded anything positive or could potentially yield anything positive. Chances are it wouldn’t. Not to mention $1.5 Million definitely should be taken back.


“Why would you friend request me?” Banks asked Gibson over Facebook. “The reply was, ‘I figured you and I could let bygones be bygones. I was immature then, but I’m much more mature now.'”

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Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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