Thoughts On “Thats Impossible: Mind Control”

I started watching “That’s Impossible: Mind Control” on H2 (2012-0710)…
The following is what flowed out on twitter with some slight revisions…

Why do some people even bother trying to invent certain things? I mean, let us think about the implications of mind control on morality and the justice system. We have already had plenty of people blame Satan, claim instructions from God, and numerous other things, we would have a new meaning to “the devil made me do it”. Imagine the implications on life period is we simply had mind reading.

For instance Christians often believe you are guilty of an act simply from the thought of it, and it’s funny how Christians almost exclusively use that argument for lust and adultery. What about Greed? Murder? Selfishness? Theft? Gluttony? Amongst other things, are not those also valid sins and wrong doing, but no one talks about those things when condemning thought as sin. Some people do not want to be judged by an omniscient God but they would seem to allow other humans reading their thoughts. Talk about judgment! I would rather an omniscient God judging me on my total being than a human judging just a portion of my thoughts or just a portion of my actions.

People also often fail to realize that your thoughts do not match your actions. Your thoughts, well at least my thoughts, are only a portion of my actions, I would venture to say less than 50%. I believe the character Dr. Gregory House was completely right when he says “everybody lies”. That is regardless if you believe in lies by omission, lies by exaggeration, or simply direct lies. The justice system would hold no hope to be corrected or improved. Law enforcement? Military? Would you really trust someone with that authority to read your mind? Even as the  justice system and the law enforcement system stands now, it is like a Polaroid; it is practically a one minute sliver of your entire life. Your thoughts would be handled the same way as that Polaroid, the equivalent of a sound byte of your thoughts.

Talk about chopped and screwed to borrow a phrase from rap music… Your thoughts would be chopped (or in other words truncated) to put forth the worst image of you possible, quite easily. Then you would be screwed (or in other words suffer injustice) heavily at the hands of the justice system, law enforcement, or any authority figure. I could go on and on, but if you do not have the picture by now, you probably do not want to understand. Some people think this is just about advancing technology, but if we look at television, atomic bombs, genetic modification, mind control/reading, these are all in the same vein.

Just because something has a positive benefit does not mean it is worth all of the possible negative outcomes. Outcomes should not have to be overt like a bomb to be considered negative. Most negative outcomes are subtle and covert and changing the world for the worst on a hourly basis.

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Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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