8 Ways to Inspire Reuse

Reduce, reuse, recycle. For years, we’ve heard that environmental mantra. And we follow it, more often than not. Companies cut down on their packaging so it costs less to ship, and we recycle our plastic bottles and cans. But what about reuse? How many of us put something to further use beyond its initial application?

The thing is, re-using can be much better than recycling. A perfectly good item can have its lifespan extended, even if it has served its purpose in your own home. It can go to someone else, for whom it is good as almost-new, and in the process we save the cost of producing brand-new goods that will also have limited lives.

Don’t know how to get your old goods into the hands of someone who can use them? Don’t worry, here are eight easy ways to inspire reuse in your community.

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