Human De-evolution…. 2012-0703

So, the new theme seems to be justifying human actions by looking at animals. If animals do it then who are we not to do it. Why on earth would that make sense to people? I understand for some it’s a stab back at religious folk, but I thought people who lived without religion claimed to be more intelligent. These arguments seem strictly emotional.

If we are the most current and most advanced instance of evolution then why would we be looking at the past instances of evolution to justify what we should be doing? Do we just have this intelligence and ability for no reason? Shouldn’t we be looking for the best way, the next step in evolution? We should only look to the past for examples of what has worked and what hasn’t worked.

The bee commits suicide to protect it’s hive. I have never heard of a bee being called brave or chivalrous. Yet when we look at the supposedly Muslim extremists, who commit suicide because of something they believe we call that stupid, we condemn and attack them for it. How much different are they from the bees dying for their hive?

Spiders have babies and then proceed to eat their babies if they stick around, there is no type of family unit or unity in the spider kingdom yet, when men impregnate women and leave them high and dry we condemn them and fine them. A mother who has an unwanted child and aborts the child before birth, or kills the child after birth we condemn them and criticize them.

Are we going to be highly selective and judge what humans do by looking at animals or are we going to use a bit more of this intelligence we have?

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