We Have Enough To Make Change

So it’s coming to light that in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy that Staten Island among other parts of NY are severely suffering. Supposedly 19deaths which is supposed to be half of all the deaths from the hurricane in NY.

I watched a news show the other day that showed how 1 in 5 Americans live in a major metropolitan area with NY containing one such place contains about 19 million. I can’t help but think why is it that we have set up such a scenario that people are packed like sardines literally into these small central locations.

When I look out at America (and all “civilized” societies) I see so many flawed concepts being perpetuated for no other reason than this iw what people are used to. There are so many changes that could be made to make things better for everyone but people are completely unwilling to even think that we are not doing things the right way.

We don’t have a lack of things to do but we so many people out of work.
We don’t have a lack of space and building materials but we have so many homeless.
We don’t have a lack of food and cooking supplies but have an immense number of people starving and hungry.
We don’t have a lack of profit from companies but we have so many working people that can’t make ends meet without government assistance.

Some things are so simple, but people don’t want to make changes. We have what we need, what we don’t have are people who are willing to make and allow changes. We don’t have people willing to open their eyes and see common sense.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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