Quick Thoughts On CS… 2012-0622

With customers it’s not the helping I lie about, I want to. I lie about the emotions, I’m not “happy to”, I’m not “sorry about”, etc. Who is truthful when they say crap like that to a customer? If a company didn’t make that a prerequisite who would say it, much less mean it? But if we are honest with ourselves, what is customer service besides for lying? Your either lying about the product, the company, or yourself and your emotions.

– Cobalt TiNor


One thought on “Quick Thoughts On CS… 2012-0622

  1. Thanks for reblogging this. I read it on the original post. Its just unbelievable we have to suffer long after combat and we have come home.
    Btw I wanted to let you know that I have nominated your blog for “One Lovely Blog Award” Your blog is informative and I’m sure an inspiration of hope to all of our brothers and sisters who read it and or visit your actual location. Thanks for all you do!.

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