Quote From William Rusher

“Nobody, when confronted with a really devastating argument against something in which he has hitherto deeply believed, slaps himself on the thigh and shouts, “By gosh, I never thought of that!” On the contrary, the blow will be resented. Very often it will be sustained in obstinate silence. The ego needs time to marshal its defenses – either to try to restore the toppled idol, or to come to terms with the toppling, or (at the very least) to regain its own shattered composure. It is precisely then, however – in the silent weeks or months after the argument, when perhaps no one else is present and the defeated arguer confronts only himself in the recollection of his defeat – that the argument may truly be said to be “won.” Because then, if ever, is when the loser of the argument will tacitly abandon his former position. He may never admit to having changed his mind at all; but at the very least he will have rearranged his mental furniture, to insure that he does not hereafter sit, so often or so heavily, on that all too demonstrably fragile chair.”

– William Rusher

How To Win Arguments More Often Than Not

(New York: Doubleday, 1981, 44-45)

I agree that for most people this is the case but I have had plenty of times where I literally slapped my thigh and conceded an argument because I had never thought about what was presented to me. I don’t have alot of pride in myself or in many things, for what; why should I? I don’t know everything and I am not God, as well when it comes to things, things have failed even when they were not supposed to. What is the purpose of pride except for jest?


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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