The Scale of the Universe 2

The Scale of the Universe 2

Cobalt TiNor:

I wish you could see the look on my face right now. I knew the size of some of the stars compared to earth and how humongous they are. But I didn’t really like this animation because the units of measurement that they are using I’m assuming is just width or length which is alright but when you show me planet earth and the continent of Asia side by side… I have a very hard time taking this thing as truth.

Maybe I can view them as highly educated guesses, because even when we’re talking about stars and solar systems I fail to believe we have accurate measurements. I have a hard time believing those measurements as well. How can we confirm? It’s not like we can send a probe on a return trip with a astrological equivalent of a pedometer to physically record the distance.

We can drive a car from coast to coast or hop in a boat and record distances here on earth physically with little margin of error but the farthest we have been is the moon right? I guess we do have a mars rover, which I’m assuming is farther away but it hasn’t made a return trip.

Even if it makes a return trip how do we measure space? It’s not like we can use a tape measure or measure our steps and calculate according to how many steps we made. When we are dealing with space we can’t simply go by the propulsion from the engines because in space as far as I know nothing is stationary, absolutely nothing. I could be wrong, who knows I only try to understand these things.

Now going on the opposite spectrum, I saw the mention of the smallest thing visible to the naked eye, the smallest thing visible to an optical microscope, and the smallest thing visible to an electron microscope and the list kept going much smaller than that? What the hell are they using to see smaller than the electron microscope? And I know that I read up on it one time but I forget what the hell is an electron microscope?


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