Mind Vs. Body in Sexual Stimulation

This post is in response to an article, my facebook post and comment, and a friends questions in response.


Interesting post, but I still believe it’s rare that women are physically able to rape men. Mary Kay was one of those few male rapes I can agree was possible. A 13 year old boy can be overpowered by a fully grown woman. Other than that, one of the few situations I can agree with is an inebriated male, drunk or high.

I think the problem is alot of religious people have this hidden message which they push that basically makes us believe that sexual arousal is completely tied to what’s going on in your mind.

Studies (as exampled below) have shown that infants and toddlers masturbate or “play with themselves” and I’m sure they aren’t looking at their mothers and fathers saying “he/she can get it”.

As well especially with men it’s claimed that men cannot masturbate without pornography or some sexual image but then many older men claim they wake up in the mornings with erections and no valid reason as to why they have it. How do you explain “morning wood”?

All that to show and prove that our bodies do their own things to some degree. We don’t choose our hearbeats, we don’t choose how often we blink, we don’t choose to blink, the same way we can’t ALWAYS choose what or who we are attracted to and by.




Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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