JandWS: The Perfect Gift


original post found at http://jandws.tumblr.com/post/14576761804/the-perfect-gift

At Christmas, more than at any other time of year, we give and receive gifts to one-another. A lot of (most?) people don’t remember why we give gifts at Christmas, although that’s not the point of this post. Do you like to give, or to receive gifts more?

Too many of us put little thought into the gifts we buy and are ungrateful for those we receive. And, if we believe the marketing and advertising industry, no matter what gift we buy for someone it’s never the perfect present; so what is? There is no such thing as a perfect present that can be picked up in your hand. The perfection does not come from how much you spend, or how big it is, what brand it is or even what it is but from the thought, care and love with which it is chosen.

Sometimes the perfect present can be tiny and cheap, especially when giving to someone less well off than you are. By giving a big gift you might, albeit not intended, create an obligation that can be ill afforded financially to return a similar size gift. So giving something small doesn’t make you tight-fisted, it can show you care just as much as a big gift would. More often than we think, the perfect present can be free. Giving our time to someone costs nothing but can be the most satisfying thing of all, for the giver and receiver.

And what about how we receive gifts? Do we say thanks properly and graciously, especially when we get a gift we don’t know what to do with? When we next see the giver of a gift, do we perhaps remember to say we have used their gift? Probably not. We need to be as gracious receiving a gift as in giving one.

This Christmas, let your real gifts be the love and care with which you choose presents and the graciousness and thanks with which you receive yours. Don’t get taken in by advertisers pressure to buy that ‘perfect’ gift. The perfection comes from the care and love in the giving and receiving not from size or price.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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