Unspoken Man Traits

  • Andrew A. Hasell aka Cobalt TiNor
  • August 24, 2011
  • #Gender #Superiority #Hierarchy #God #Women #Feminism #Patriarch #Deception #Strength

I have heard tons of songs telling women not to sleep with men because they are “worth more”, they are “queens” and yada, yada, yada. As a friend pointed out, why is it that we ask the “oppressed” to change instead of teaching the “oppressors to behave differently? Perhaps the answer is because the oppressors are the ones in control?

 I can’t remember one song where a man or even a woman told a man to keep “it” in their pants; telling them to stop coercing women or deceiving women. I can’t remember one song telling a man that “screwing” a woman or “screwing her over” doesn’t make you a man. I can’t remember having heard a song telling a man that you should love a woman and/or choose to spend the rest of your life with her before you impregnate her. I haven’t remembered a song that told a man that he needs to choose very wisely the one place where he “sows his seed”.

 We are constantly telling woman to “man up” (not in those words of course) and make good decisions when even that term “man up” basically means to take control. I never realized it, but how sexist is that? Take control they say for a man, whether that is by out-smarting, deceiving, violence, or simply and more commonly to deny someone control of you through pain or circumstance. Through all this we constantly put forth an image of reckless “manly” abandon which is not condemned or frowned upon. In fact without actually saying it, we are propagating an image of a man who cannot control himself like in certain Islamic cultures where a woman is forced to cover herself so as to not be a temptation a man. We push an image of man where he is worth nothing just like his semen is worth a fraction of a penny, that he is worth nothing UNLESS he is at the top of the heap, whether that be a business or a situation, and if nothing else at very least the king of a household or a woman. Think about it, if you can succeed nowhere else in life as a man you can dominate a woman. This is a flawed mentality.

 I proposed to a friend that “sometimes” not often but sometimes a man becomes an aggressor because a woman has manipulated him and hurt him. Taking a look at it now, even when that is the case, the woman probably became manipulative because that is one of a woman’s only options of recourse being that they can often not compete with the physical strength of a man. When you can’t physically beat something, the next best thing to do seems to be, to outwit it.

 I know most people want to believe in evolution and if you do it’s not hard to say that we inherited this idea of strength being supreme and that all weaker creatures should bow down to the strongest. Where did we inherit it from? They would most likely say our primate ancestors. If you believe in any concept of God or deity then the most likely argument given is that God/the deity arbitrarily chooses and appoints a hierarchy. As a believer in a God/deity we are more gullible to believe that there must be “men” in control looking out for the greater good as instructed by God/deity. Why is that? Could it be that men will find any excuse they can to be in control of someone else, even if it’s a blatant lie they need to use.

 As I told this same friend there are none better when comparing people, we are all different. Yes, some can hammer a nail better than others but that person is not better, the person is more skilled in one area. Yes, some can play basketball better than others, but that person is not better, they have more natural and developed abilities in that area. Maybe it’s something as small as watching our words, because it’s alot easier to say “he’s better” than to say “John is much better at basketball than Jose”. We all have our differences, our strengths, our weakness, but to say one person is better than any other for any reason is essentially ludicrous, especially when there is no established value system for activities and even if there was who is going to choose those value systems? Who is going to step up and claim they are better than someone else and then determine a value for a specific task?

 To me it seems like we need to let go our delusions of grandeur; our aspirations for power; our covetousness for control and figure out how we can play our positions so to speak without these faulty senses of superiority.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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