Books I Have Read

“50 ideas you really need to know: Religion”

I just finished this book at work this morning, I found it very interesting, especially if it is all accurate. It gives not just historical facts and time frames on various religions, but it also gives a synopsis of the religion, it’s core beliefs, it’s founders, major proponents or prophets, etc.

I think it spend too much time on Christianity, but that could be subjective only because I already know so much about Christianity. As far as Christianity as covered in the book, everything I know about was accurate but there are some motives I have never heard in regards to actions I have only heard brief mentions of.

It really showed me that what I have thought and believed since I was young, of almost all religions have a similar foundation of thought or purpose of belief is true. Many people (primarily Christians because that’s mostly who I have been around) have tried so hard to convince not just me but everyone of how different they are from other religions. The truth is they are not that different. Not forgetting to mention that religions besides for having schisms / branches / breaks, that sometimes they naturally mesh together from being in the same geographic location at the same time..

Ill eventually have some blogs up, but until then I will leave it at this.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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