My Abortion Stance (3/16/10)

I always hear the (so-called) Christian stance on how abortion is wrong. People quoting Jeremiah 1:5 to make their arguments. I must say I’m still not swayed, I still do not see an issue with abortion.

I feel there are so many steps you can take to prevent the need for an abortion that it should be only a NECESSARY option for rape victims. Problem is this is not an ideal world that we live in. Some people hate life consistently, hate their parents for bringing them into this world. Not everyone has hope, not everyone has found a reason to live. The vast majority of people don’t plan for children, and the vast majority of parents DO NOT DESERVE to be parents.

Why is there even an issue w/ abortion. I’ve never seen a mother prosecuted because they did some strenuous activity and caused a miscarriage. What about someone who causes a pregnant woman physical or emotional distress to the point of miscarriage, has anyone been prosecuted for that? Why was Dr Kevorkian prosecuted helping people to end their life, I’ve never heard of a cop being prosecuted for assisted suicide when people seek to die by a cops gun.

How is the bible clear on abortion? Jeremiah 1:5 doesn’t count. All Jeremiah 1:5 proves is that God loves us before we even exists and that he is omniscient. I mean, you can say that it alludes that we are spirits that exist before the semen and the egg, not the opposite; we are not bodies that have spirits. But even that point being taken the very fact that we exist before our physical bodies also means that irregardless of your carcass being disposed of you still exist. Your carcass is just a flesh bag vessel to get you to experience things on this plane.

I just read a statement that 4000 babies are aborted DAILY in america, let’s also think about those who are miscarried and don’t make it to birth for one reason or another. Let’s say that statement is true and conservatively estimate the other deaths are a total of 1k daily. Being that the world is already over-populated last figure I heard is 6.5 billion and rapidly climbing, where are all these people supposed to go? Now I’m not by any means saying that people should be getting abortions all willy-nilly or that overpopulation is a reason for abortion. Although I do wonder why in hell are more people not using condoms, or masturbating, or truthfully even other things I wouldn’t suggest to prevent the need for an abortion.

Let’s take the (so-called) christian stance on masturbation, that has quite significantly changed in the last 5 years. Before it used to be said that masturbation was clearly spoken against in the bible, and they used to quote a scripture about Onan spilling his seed on the ground in Genesis 38:9. When you read the scripture you realize the guy was basically forced to marry his brothers widow and he was willing to knock her up but not allow her to be impregnated in his brothers steed. He had sex w/ her and pulled out before ejaculation, which has nothing to do with masturbation.

Then there was the myth that masturbation made you go blind, which is laudable. Even if semen got in your eyes you would not go blind. Next excuse that I have heard and the longest lasting excuse was that you cannot masturbate without lusting. If one person ever dares to tell me that they have NEVER gotten “hard”, “wet” or “horny” without seeing or thinking something that triggered it I will call them a bold faced liar because all babies have that experience and it only gets worse in your teens and twenties.. Therefore that in and of itself is proof that you can masturbate without lust. I will admit that most do lust while they masturbate but lust is not a prerequisite for masturbation..

Now the next jump was to broaden the range of what “lust” is defined as and that scheme was ingenious but you can’t just go around changing the meanings of something just because you want to. They tried to define lust as wanting something that your not supposed to have or that is not yours. Now I could see the reasoning behind that but at the same time it doesn’t mesh, with the true definition.. The definition on (which I hate) says a strong sexual desire or simply a strong desire. Even if you go by the broadened definition then you still have to prove that masturbation is a result of a strong sexual desire. Taking it back to my point that you can get sexually aroused and masturbate without any sexual thoughts or desire the same way you can eat and not be hungry.

So once again my main basis is that there are so many things you can do so that you don’t have a need for abortion but at the same token if all else fails no “christian” or pro-lifer should condemn you or make you feel guilty. In the end you MAY be doing that child a supreme disservice. I would go into my personal reasons but if anyone is interested I would have to do a 2nd part to this.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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