Tumblr Interaction 2011-0712

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that partial-birth abortions are almost always done in cases where there is a wanted pregnancy and either due to the fetus’ health being bad or the mother not being able to carry the pregnancy to term without dying, an abortion is performed in a way that the parents have something tangible to hold onto and grieve. Sounds disgusting, but it’s true. The majority of abortions are performed during the first trimester, and I can guarantee with how difficult it is to get an abortion in this country, no one is using abortion as a form of contraception. So there is no one getting a partial birth abortion on a whim.


I’m not sure what the extent of my information was at the time i wrote that blog post… it was 4-5 years ago, and alot has changed as well. If I remember correctly, at that time partial birth abortions were still being done and were being phased out and made illegal.

As far as an abortion being difficult to get in the United States… I’m not so sure about that statement. I actually know a good handful of people who have gotten abortions under the age of 18 with what seemed like no problems. I have never had the issue myself nor been with those people when they had their abortions so I don’t know for sure.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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