Emotional Moment From “John Q (2002)

Tuck Lampley:

As you can see the crowd here in front of hope memorial is growing. The swat team has arrived and the situation is becoming very tense. Standing next to me is James Palumbo friend of John Archibald. Mr. Palumbo what can you tell us about John Archibald.

James Palumbo:

You know um… I gotta be honest Tuck, I mean…, this whole thing… sucks. You know? I mean…, it all could’ve incredibly easily. I mean uh… None of this had to happen if John had just been… a friggin’ Millionaire right?, or if his last name was Rocafella. But you know sometimes John don’t get it; he don’t understand, that what we hold sacred in this country isn’t values, it’s value that’s important. We got haves, we got have-nots. We got white collar, blue collar, and then we got no collar. Inside there we got surgery, we got outpatient surgery, and we got out of luck surgery. There’s a lot of people out there Tuck, a lot of people here who don’t have 250 grand in their bill fold. To shame a man like that and back him into a corner… seems to me that something is out of whack not someone. But eh, I, what do I know, I’m, I’m, I’m a factory worker.

Tuck Lampley:

Well I could see that this is making you very upset but if you could look into the camera and speak to John Q right now what would you say to him

James Palumbo:

I’m there with you and you take care

Tuck Lampley:

That’s one man’s opinion. Live at the crisis at Hope Memorial, this is Tuck Lampley.


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