Random Thoughts On Money/Business

  • Cobalt TiNor
  • 7/3/11
  • #Business #wealth/money/riches/etc #Hurt

It’s appalling that we are still considered in recession but yet we pay many times over for the products we buy. For instance, you go to buy a “aux cord” to play your ipod/phone in your car, and the average price is something like $15 for something that literally costs as little as $1. We buy a drink at a fast food restaurant and pay like $2 for something that literally cost them about $0.07. We buy a 16oz bottle of water for $1.39 when you can get a 5-gal bottle for $5.49.

Let’s break it down even more;

 16oz for $1.39 or 320 oz for $5.49… That is not even taking into account we have millions or more who have no regular access to clean bottle water. Some would say for that bottle of water you could feed a person for a day in a 3rd world country, but the other side says I’m supposed to be happy because I live in the place with clean bottled water.

They say it’s too expensive to build things as needed so we mass produce and cache mass quantities of products, then we say it’s too expensive to store mass quantities so we open up multiple stores to get rid of the products. They say it’s too expensive for these products to sit on the shelf for extended periods of time and they have more on the way so they gotta sell. So they jack up prices and then set up sales, they do anything in their power to make you want their product. So they sell to people who don’t need the produce, and they over-sell those who want it, because they need to keep making money, right? So they lower the quality of products so it breaks or runs out sooner, so you come back and buy more.

Forget the idea of “demand” and then “supply”, we live in an age of “supply” and artificial “demand”. There is a lot that goes into the cost of something, but no one truly does those calculations, the just set an arbitrary price. For most business endeavors it has never been about supplying an essential product or a great product, it’s ALL about them getting money. But what is money? Who determines moneys value? Why is money valued?

(Bad) experience is supposed to get you money, money is supposed to get you (good) experience; they claim. To get money for good experiences, we suffer bad experiences and give others bad experiences. But how will we ever enjoy anything with people seeking to pay us back? There are a few different scenarios but most typically it seems the formula is the following. Poverty = anger. Opportunistic struggle = hurt. Moderate success = eye opening envy. Outrageous success = disappointment and reversion. Maybe that’s why rich people seek to buy experiences, and the rest of us still think being rich is being able to buy certain tangible things. They may not even consciously know this but rich people buy exclusive experiences because that is truly what is worthwhile in life.

We are indoctrinated with circular logic from youth and are told (verbally and non-verbally) never to stop and try to make sense of things. We realize things need to change and can change, but we say that things won’t change because it seems impossible even though many things have seemed impossible in the past. We start believing the lies and regurgitate the lies that things can’t change without even truly trying. We don’t want to admit that we don’t often benefit from or suffer from the changes we make. Alexander Graham Bell never saw how great phones became. Benjamin Franklin never saw how great harnessing electricity became. Alessandro Volta never really saw the battery reach its peak or how it’s changed things. Now of course there may be exceptions like Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who have seen and continue to steer their inventions into the future, but that is not typical.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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