Old Cartoons

When I grew up, I had Merrie Melodies and Bugs Bunny amongst other things. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized all the adult themes and topics it addressed, but that’s a very good thing.

Your childhood is to prepare you for adulthood, every stage should prepare you for the next stage. Problem is that now in 2010 people are more likely to think that something for children should not include adult themes. I realized the other day while talking to a customer that we say “adult films” and we ONLY think a porno. We say “adult toys” and we think a dildo and handcuffs. When we say adult it’s not adult it’s typically a vice.

In my childhood Merrie Melodies introduced me to adult things such as classical and jazz music. Had it not been for Merrie Melodies, I probably would’ve never been truly introduced or exposed to jazz or classical, much less some of the classic literary tales like Robin Hood, Little Red Riding Hood, Frankenstein, or Three Little Pigs. There are a good amount of things I would never have heard of or been introduced to if it had not been for these old cartoons.

It’s too bad we don’t still have things like Merrie Melodies around. Instead children in these days are raised on Pepsi-Cola, McDonalds, Degrassi, The Game (the sitcom), Britney Spears, Ying Yang Twins, Zane, Twilight, and similar nonsense. Nothing that helps teach young minds.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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