El Nellis: Beatitudes

A way of answering the question of “What is real?” in any given context is to ask, “What does that context say is blessed?” This is an inversion of Jesus’ beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt 5), appropriating a Western, capitalist, individualist articulation of “blessing” (ie: success).

Blessed are…

  • the spirited… for they will climb to the top.
  • those who are able to move on quickly and not enter grief… for they will not need care from anyone.
  • those who are proud and confident… for they will win.
  • those who practice injustice or turn a blind eye to injustice… for they will have to deny themselves nothing.
  • those who show no mercy… for they will not be burdened by the problems of others.
  • those who conceal their hearts… for they will have the advantage.
  • those who wage war… for they will make for themselves a great name.
  • those who do whatever it takes… for they will acquire assets, fame, property and a kingdom unto themselves.
  • you when you are preoccupied with self-interest… for your reward is here on earth.

Read Original post from Phil Nellis via… El Nellis: Beatitudes


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