Thoughts On Man’s Search For Meaning Pt 3

On page 10 Viktor Frankl states…

“We, too, clung to shreds of hope and believed to the last moment that it would not be so bad. Just the sight of the red cheeks and round faces of those prisoners was a great encouragement. Little did we know then that they formed a specially chosen elite, who for years had been the receiving squad for new transports as they rolled into the station day after day”

Everyone seemed to know that Auschwitz was basically the end of the line for just about everyone who went there. Hitler and the Nazi’s seemed to know that to have the Jews remain useful, they had to have hope. So Hitler and the Nazi’s provided false hope to those with death looming near. The same way in the movie “The Matrix”, the machines provided a flawed matrix in order to keep mankind asleep and generating energy for them.

It’s odd, because the Nazi’s set up a welcoming committee, to provide false hope, but then had rules against preventing people from committing suicide, which Frankl speaks of later in the book. To me that seems to contradict, it’s as if Hitler is saying “hi, I know this isn’t were you want to be, but it’s not as bad as you think”… then he says “if you want to kill yourself and save us the work, great! We will make sure no one else stops you either.”

I say that in this day and age that there is a lot of positivity going around; I call it hyper-positivity. It is positivity at all costs; it is positivity even in the face of a negative reality, positivity against all odds. From what I hear, from some outspoken atheists, that is how they look at Christianity, and other religions; they see religion as a false hope or a false reality. I think that hope comes from God and God alone. Even atheists have to have hope to continue on. If this life “is” all that there is and there is nothing better; if it will only get worse, why follow rules? Why continue on?

To accept this life as it is, it seems you have to be crazy, but society says the the exact opposite. When you cannot accept this life as is, and you try to change it, or try to leave it, you are labeled or just looked at as crazy. There are many terms and phrases burned into us in order to keep us in submission. There are many distractions and many cover ups of truth that go on daily. Truth and justice do not always win in the end. I would say as time goes by truth and justice wins, less and less.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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