Hurting People

Is it hurting people that hurt people? Yes absolutely. They perpetuate an endless circle of hate, distrust, abuse, hurt, envy, scorn, and every other imaginable negative emotion or action.

The bible says to “do to others AS YOU WOULD HAVE them do to you” Matthew 7:12 but the world operates by “do to others AS THEY HAVE DONE to you”. So the world continues to get worse because everyone makes mistakes and because doing the right thing is not always easy or pleasant.

Some of us think justice is an eye for an eye sometimes, and others don’t care about justice; all they care about is compassion and sympathy. Jesus didn’t say the standard was an eye for an eye. The old testament law in Leviticus 24:17-22 says an eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth. Jesus came and updated that in Matthew 5:38-48 when he said “you’ve heard it said (previously) an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth, but I tell you….. Don’t resist an evil man”. I’m sure there are limitations as well, if someone wants to kill you, you’re not gonna offer up your loved ones as well. Jesus talks about clothing, even burdens. He says turn the other cheek, give your coat as well as the shirt, and instead of walking the forced 1 mile, walk a willing second mile. Hard words to live by don’t you think?

In the same vein we cannot be all about sympathy and compassion without justice because then sin/crime is not punished rather it is rewarded. If you reward a crime you reinforce negative actions and not only do you encourage that person to continue doing that crime but you encourage others to multiply those acts because for every one person that does something (good or bad) there are a thousand waiting to see the immediate outcome because they didn’t wanna be the one to have it backfire on them. After that thousand there’s another million looking to see how it works out for the thousand and one. Looking to see the short term or long term effects not just the immediate.

A person who has not had anything wrong done to them……
A person who has not felt the pain or consequences of someone else’s action…..
A person who has been surrounded by love and not selfishness…..
What motivation would those people have to hurt someone else?
I know I used to be like that. I had no reason to hurt anyone.

When your filled with love you are constantly aware of the consequences and repercussions of your actions not just on you but on others. And it’s that love that I would propose keeps those people from hurting others because they wouldn’t hurt themselves and part of love is that you treat others the way you treat yourself. If you don’t treat yourself good then you need to treat others as you would want them to treat you.

So I have to wonder whether or not this applies to emotional hurt as well, and I’m inclined to think that it does. Because as that ugly phrase goes…. “Monkey see monkey do”. In a sense you do what you know. If you know how to be hurt but you don’t know how to be loved, then how can you love? I’m sure there is someone out there thinking well “if you know how not to love then all you gotta do is flip it, and you have no excuse.” Good is not simply the opposite of bad, there are so many ways to do wrong but typically only one way to do right. Not only is it unlikely to find what’s right by inverting what’s wrong but also if no one has done right by you, what motivation do you have to do right by or to someone else.

I mean to say, is it innate to live by Leviticus 24:20? Think about babies, is it that people teach them that when you get hit to hit back? Because I’ve never seen a parent teach or example that until maybe late grade school. All I’ve ever seen is parents scolding their kid for hitting back and telling them to stop. If that is the case, then where do kids pick up this M.O.? Or is it that babies are born with it? Even if kids are born with that trait, is that the way God made us or have we deviated. Watching plenty of national geographic I’ve come to realize that when people talk about evolution and stuff that’s because it has a scientific basis.

Pigeons for instance have a design that has been tried and tested, but they can be bred somehow to mimic features of other birds (various Pigeon breeds pictured on google). Yet when you match up two pigeons that were bred strangely and they make babies they say within maybe 5 generations those pigeons will be back to the tried and true shape and form. Examples like that abound in nature scientist say. Things are typically passed along from generation to generation; things are not typically inherent.

It’s people who become hurt who hurt other people.


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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