Absolute Truths Exist

Certain things are absolute and unarguable truths that cannot be broken,
then you have the majority that is a gray area,
that is relative;
that can possibly change from person to person or place to place.
An absolute is like the fact that everyone breaths oxygen,
no one is exempt, no one can argue it, there is no change.People like to live life as though everything in life
Is simply relative,
As if they have the freedom to decide
What is right And what is wrong.Life has absolute truths that people seek to ignore
One of those truths is that the only way this world will get better
Is if people follow the greatest commandment
to love everyone as they love themselves.

An absolute truth is
In this physical world everything that is in existence
Has been created
And therefore has a creator.
That is exactly why every “people” on earth seem to have a form of God.
Even if they have to make their own
Or if they have to become their own.

Problem is the definition of God
Means omnipotent.
We cannot even control our entire life
Much less our vehicle.
And our idols, (american or not) [pun intended]
Simply accept our sacrifices and feeding but they do nothing in return.
They change nothing.

There has to be a God
And that God has to be love
Nothing else would explain existence.
As you can plainly see
Nothing else can sustain existence either.

Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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