500 Times Your Worth?

Median U.S. CEO pay in 2005 was $13.5 million, up 16 percent from 2004, according to the Corporate Library, a research group.

Viewed another way, in 2003, the average CEO got roughly 500 times as much pay as the average worker, compared to a multiple of 140 in 1991, one academic study showed.

[I couldn’t find the original article I read back in 2007 so I found a copy of it below…- 2013-0405]

Read More via http://www.law.harvard.edu/programs/corp_gov/MediaMentions/03-09-07_Reuters.pdf

Straight out of the news…

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I deal with customers on a daily basis that make 100k a year and that is big money.

This news clip is saying that ceo’s make a lot more than that. 500x the average worker.

Get the hell out of here!

  • Do ceo’s do 500x the work?
  • work 500x more hours?
  • Is there intelligence 500x that of the average worker?
  • Perhaps they handle the work of 500 average workers?
  • Or maybe they have 500x more schooling and education?


So then why do that make that much more?
If you know let me know.
Where is the balance?
Where is the line drawn? And what is the explanation for it?
What excuses would they come up with?
Companies are struggling…
scratch that…
Americans are struggling….
No scratch that even…


from the lack of basic necessities like food and water
and these CEO’s over here make 13 million a year and do what with it?
And America is one of the most selfless nations???
Yeah… no.

Jesus is looking at us like the crowd and the rich people
he saw in Mark 12: 41-44 not like the widow.

The average American lives far beyond necessity,
past comfort, and into luxury.
We can all afford to give up some stuff. Point Blank


Please leave your thoughts. Sometimes the only way one can find the truth is to examine all possibilities.

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