2018-0701: Unconditional Love?

I remember about six years ago when someone posted about how love is not unconditional and at first, I resisted. I feel like when I was young I was always told love is unconditional and if not explicitly, maybe implicitly.

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Misunderstandings regarding gender

I looked up the word “gender” and it doesn’t seem to mean what I thought it meant (for much of my life). I would suspect that may be the same for many people. Most people that I’ve come across in my life have probably thought immediately of a person’s physical characteristics such as their genitals. It appears to be more complex than that.

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Natural Hair as innovation?

I watched a video from The Root with Felicia M Leatherwood about her styling natural hair for celebrities like Issa Rae. Near the end she says that when she does a hairstyle that will be on the red carpet or have the most likelihood of going viral, it’s always about the natural hair community. She […]

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Positive Objectification

A news personality named Demetria Obilor was recently bashed by one Jan Shedd for her weight and how tight her dresses look while she is working live on TV. For most, this is a matter of a racism—because Shedd is white and Obilor is a person of color—or an issue of someone being too prude […]

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Understanding past language

This is why people get mad at me for being nit-picky on the words I use and the words others use. “The slovenliness of our language makes it easier for us to have foolish thoughts.” – George Orwell The words we use make a difference. Their denotation (definition) and their connotation (a possible suggestion or […]

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White pride = racist?

There’s a meme that I saw the other day that I get, but I also see thinking that may not have gone far enough. Person #1: How come… Black pride = ok Mexican pride = ok Asian pride = ok Muslim pride = ok White pride = racist Person #2: Because: Black = African culture […]

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